Hercules Bees strives to produce best-localized honeybee stock for the Bay Area.  I source my bees from swarms, splits among my own colonies, cut-outs of honeybee nests from buildings, and trading queen bees (genetics) with other accomplished beekeepers around the Bay Area.  With mating yards in the diverse microclimates of West and Central Contra Costa County, I can provide bees reasonably adapted to your home Bay Area environment.




Footage of the first colonies for sale in February 2016. More videos to come in February.

This year I would like to try something different to truly optimize the process of keep bees in a top bar hive for the California season.  I will offer overwintered colonies beginning in late February when they are sure to be rapidly growing for the coming spring (weather permitting). 


  • Overwintered Honeybee Colonies These colonies will be priced individually to reflect the time of sale and the condition of the colony.  Minimum six top bars of strength will be available for purchase from late February (weather permitting) through whenever I run out of stock.  Quantity is limited so please contact using the form below if interested.  The additional price of the wooden beehive is priced as normal (4' Full @$285 and 2' Medium @ $205).  Depending on the bundle that you purchase, expect to spend $600-900.  Guarantee a colony with a $100 deposit.
  • $20 per hour charge for apiary visits made on arrangement beginning if February.  While I work my bees you can hang around and watch and ask questions while I go.  This isn't a structured class, just spending time and doing seasonal work among the bees.  Private message me if you wish to attend some weekend time in February 2016 and on.

I will later sell 2016 colonies as they ripen.

In June 2014 we bought two colonies from Hercules Bees to put in our San Francisco backyard. They are thriving here, and have grown to fill the 4’ boxes. These beehives are easy and fun to manage.
— Sandi and Andrew, San Francisco
“I met Scott through the Mount Diablo Beekeepers Association. I’d been interested in trying a top bar hive since seeing one demonstrated at a friend’s house in Berkeley. I’d tried keeping bees the previous year in a traditional Langstroth hive, but it was heavy and cumbersome for me to work with. My bees didn’t make it, so I decided to start over with a top bar hive.

Because I was still so new to beekeeping, I asked Scott if I could not only buy a top bar hive, but pay him to set it up on my property. He was glad to do so. I was impressed by his depth of knowledge ask asked if we could also set up monthly consulting sessions. Having failed with bees once, I wanted to follow my new colony through the year with someone knowledgeable. It was very helpful to work through challenging questions with Scott, such as under what circumstances you should provide a hive with extra food.

Scott can tailor his services to fit the needs of a client, from a simple sale of a top bar hive to a consulting and maintenance schedule. I highly recommend him.”
— -Mona Clee, MDBA member