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Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping, by Wyatt A. Mangum

Do these top bar hives look familiar to you (like the ones I sell)?  

That's because I am using Dr. Mangums hive plans to construct the beehives of my business.  This is a serious must-read for every top bar beekeeper.

Mangum discuss at length and with beautiful detail the many experiences he has encountered in his 25+ years of top bar beekeeping.

He does a much better job of explaining the book than I do.  I'll just tell you that it is worth every penny.

check out his website www.tbhsbywam.com

Beekeeping in Coastal California, by Jeremy Rose

As the title says, this book is written to address keeping honeybees in coastal California environments.  This book is especially helpful in providing a month-to-month basic guide of what is happening in your hives and in the environment at the time of year.  There are also pages of plant identification photos to help expand the reader's awareness of what is blooming ( what the bees are eating). 

Check it out! www.calbeebook.com

Honeybee Democracy, by Thomas Seeley

How does a bee colony think and communicate?

Thomas Seeley will tell you.  It's a fascinating read about how a unit of tens of thousands of individual insects act as one.  The book tells a lot about bee swarm behaviors.  Very Good.  You can buy it on Amazon or in most bee-supply stores